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Candle Elegance TM

Sage Trio Set Gift Box

Sage Trio Set Gift Box

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8 oz Candle
4 oz Travel Candle
4 oz Melts

Immerse yourself in the soothing aroma of our Sage Luxury Candle Gift  Box Set. Our organic candle is hand-poured with our proprietary wax blend, a combination of premium sage essential oils to create a calming meditative mindset. Each candle is carefully crafted with a wavy crackling wood wick to ensure a clean and even burn every time. The subtle and sweet aroma will fill your home and bring a peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy the tranquil aroma wellness and light of our Sage Candle for hours of relaxation. Sage is said to evoke benefits that are difficult to measure in modern terms, but it can offer tremendous remedies for physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental imbalances, clearing negative energy, centering, cleansing, healing, and gifting.

Top: Sage
Middle/Heart: Sage Leaf
Base/Bottom: Honey & Sage
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