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Sage Luxury Candle

Sage Luxury Candle

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1 wood wick crackling version (higher scent load / slower burn)

Sage burning is most frequently associated with Native Americans, who used the practice to cleanse their bodies, homes, and surroundings.

Sage is said to evoke lovely & beautiful prayers that are put into each bundle, which will undoubtedly be felt by those who burn their sage. Sage is said to evoke benefits that are difficult to measure in modern terms, but it can offer tremendous remedies for physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental imbalances, clearing negative energy, centering, cleansing, healing, and gifting.

When the candle burns out, it transforms into a stunning orb glass for your beverages, a mouthpiece for your collection..

Top: Sage
Middle: Sage Leaf
Base: Honey & Sage


Volume: 8 oz
Diameter: 3.25"
Height: 3.5"
Burn time: 60 hours
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