The Honest Truth About Glass Candle Jars

The Honest Truth About Glass Candle Jars

The Honest Truth About Glass Candle Jars

This short article will discuss various aspects of glass candle jars. It is hoped that it will make you aware of some things that you may never have known or considered before and therefore help you in your candle making hobby or business.

Glass candle jars come in many sizes and shapes, but really, what constituents a viable candle jar? That is a good question. Some people say any container, glass or not, that can withstand a little heat is okay for candles. Well technically that is not true. Some glasses are too thin and may crack when they get hot. Others may have unseen flaws in them that when they get too hot may crack, thus spilling the molten wax and possibly creating a serious problem.

Glass candle jar safety is very important. It is so important that ASTM, a governmental department which makes standards for all kinds of materials and tests, has issued several ASTM standards on what constitutes a glass jar that can be used for candles. In other words it defines the safety requirements of glass jars that are made for candles.

Most, if not all of the reputable glass candle jar manufacturers make their glass jars so they meet these standards. This means that anything you purchase from them will be of high quality and safety. This also means that a nice little glass jar that you found at the local thrift shop may not be the best glass jar for your candle.

So, important point number one, carefully consider what you use for your glass candle jars. They may be cheap, but they may not be the safest thing around either.

Another popular thing that many people do is re-use glass candle jars. Some manufacturers state that you should not do this. Well you may think they are just saying this so they sell more. Well, maybe and maybe not. They have a point in stating this - as a glass jar is used it may be scratched and chipped. This scratch or chip may eventually build up some stresses and then when it gets hot, the stresses are relieved and the jar cracks, possible creating a safety hazard.

What are some of your choices when it comes to selecting glass candle jars? The obvious one is size and shape. These options are pretty unlimited.

Another thing you can look for, and maybe pay more for, is seamless glass jars. These are what the name implies - no seam on the side. (A seam is like the seam on a tin can. If you make a candle from something that has a seam, the candle will show it. A seam results from the process that is used to make the container.)

You can also buy candle glass jars that have something silk screened on them, are frosted or embossed (which is having something imprinted right into the glass jar). You can only usually get these jars in large quantities. They actually are custom jobs and it costs a lot to set up and manufacture. Therefore your costs will be higher and you'll have to buy more to help keep the cost economical.

Most glass candle jars will be clear, but you can get colored glasses, like a cobalt blue. A colored wax looks nice in one of these jars.

Lastly, if you are really serious about buying glass candle jars from a manufacturer, some companies are so satisfied in what they make that they will give you one (or two) as a sample so you can see it, handle it and try it.

The bottom line is that with glass candle jars you have a myriad of choices to choose from. Decide what you want and then search the net for your best deal. Many candle jar companies will work with you to get you exactly what you want both in size, shape and quantity.

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