Melts & Tarts

Melts & Tarts

Melts are flameless and meltdown in a warmer.

Candle Elegance organic melts do not contain a wick, they are wickless. Organic wax melts are flameless and fill the room using a wax melt warmer. Wax melts are a great way to fill your home with your favorite smell without having to worry about a smoldering flame.

Aromatherapy can be aided by wax melts infused with essential oils. Essential oils, according to scientific studies, have the power to influence mood and health by interacting with the brain and neurological system.


With Candle Elegance Premium Bees Wax Melts, you can have the best-smelling house on the block, without the harsh chemicals!

A portion of every sale is donated to help Osceola County residents feed their families and provide basic necessities. Thank you!

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