Great Ideas For Melting Wax - Warmer Tips

Great Ideas For Melting Wax - Warmer Tips

Tart Burner and Candle Warmer Tips - Great Ideas For Melting Wax

We all know that the fragrance of a burning candle can soothe the soul, inspire the mind, and create a warm and inviting home environment. Many times though, burning a candle is not really an option. For example children and pets can cause safety issues, and quite frankly, some of us forget to blow out the candles once the are lit, another safety issue. Plus, most of us want to enjoy the fragrance right when we come home after a long day at work. Sometimes it may take up to an hour for the fragrance of a candle to permeate the entire home.

If any of these describe your situation a Tart Warmer or Wax Melter will solve your problem and help you create that great smelling home you've always wanted, safely 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Here are some great tips for using your Candle Warmer or Wax Melter.

Choosing the right Melter/Warmer: There are so many tart warmers, candle warmers, and wax melters available it is sometimes hard to choose. Hearts and Flowers Primitives sells two great tart/candle warmers. Both of the melters we sell are electric so they can be safely left on all the time. Our tart and candle warmer will melt wax pieces, chips, and tarts as well as votive candles and small jar candles. We also offer the simple tart warmer that will melt just the right amount of wax chips, pieces and tarts. Both options will add great fragrance to your room or entire house.

Location: First things first, you will probably want to leave your tart warmer on all the time so pick a location in your home that could use a night light such as the kitchen. It is also a good idea to keep it on a high counter if you have children or pets so they aren't tempted by the melting wax.

Changing the Wax: Just because there is still melted wax in your warmer doesn't necessarily mean that the fragrance is still there. The scented oil from the wax will eventually dissipate from the wax so it is important to keep the wax fresh. Every few days it is a good idea to change the wax. There are two ways to change the wax. The easiest is to turn off your warmer and let the wax cool. Once the wax is cool it should pop out of the warming plate, if it doesn't just stick it in the freezer for a few minutes and it will shrink enough to pop out easily. The second and quickest way to change the wax is to just pour it into a disposable, heat resistant cup or bag. Warning this option can get messy; be sure the wax won't melt your cup or bag.

Choosing the right wax: As you know, Hearts and Flowers Primitives sells all sorts of wax pieces for your warmer. From scented wax snowballs to wax crumbles, and wax chips, all are great in your warmer. The main thing when selecting wax for your warmer is to make sure you use an appropriate amount of wax for your particular warmer. Remember that when the wax melts it acts like a liquid and if you over fill your warmer the wax may overflow the warming plate and make a mess. Just use common sense when filling your warming plate.

Bonus Tip: Many people become used to the fragrance after a couple of days in their warmer. To get the most out of your wax and your warmer find two or three fragrances that you like and alternate between them so you and your house guests will always enjoy a great fragrance.

Bonus Tip # 2: Another great thing to use your warmer for is to get the most out of your candles. When your candles burn down to that last little bit that won't burn anymore just cut up the wax and use it in your warmer or melter! Enjoy!

Combining these tips along with your wax melter or tart warmer will help provide your home with a wonderful fragrance all the time.

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