Candles have Fire Safety Labels Part 2

Candles have Fire Safety Labels Part 2

Candles have Fire Safety Labels Part 2

The National Candle Association is committed to the safety of candles and candle users.

NCA works aggressively to educate consumers on the importance of candle fire-safety, and has played a pivotal role in the development of national industry standards for the fire-safety labeling and design of candles and candle accessories.

You can’t see the fire-safety designs that reputable candle manufacturers follow when making their candles, but you can see the fire-safety label.


Look for the cautionary label and read it carefully before burning a candle. It’s the first step to ensuring your safety.

Beeswax candles within the religious service

There is a lot of candle burning in all spiritual services, and if poor-quality candles would be utilized, then there will be quite a blunder from wax dripping. Thankfully, this isn't the situation with beeswax candles, there is extremely small dripping or even none at all. There's an additional fantastic advantage for the utilization of pure beeswax, it makes really small smoke, thus eliminating the risk of darkish smoke spots within the room, and enabling air within remain clean. Numerous Religious organizations make beeswax a need for the candles they will use.

For example, the Eastern Christian Orthodox church employs solely beeswax candles for the duration of their religious services, and also the Catholic Church practices the identical model for the duration of Liturgy. Furthermore, beeswax certainly is the necessary element for the standard Paschal candles also identified as the Easter Candle. For such an significant celebration, bad quality is improper.

Many suppliers try to reach a making bargain, they choose a combination of beeswax and chemical substances to reduce the charges of candle producing. Sadly, products drop their best attributes within this kind of situations.

How you can select beeswax candles

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