Candles have Fire Safety Labels

Candles have Fire Safety Labels

Candles have Fire Safety Labels.

The National Candle Association is dedicated to keeping candles and their users safe.

NCA works hard to educate consumers about the importance of candle fire safety, and has played key role in the creation of national industry standards for candle fire safety labeling and design.
The fire-safety designs that reputable candle makers use when creating their candles are not visible, but the fire-safety label is.
Before lighting candle, look for the warning label and read it thoroughly.
It's the first step toward protecting yourself.
What You Should Be Aware Of
Every candle should have a warning label or tag with the three most important candle fire safety principles.
The majority of warning labels also offer extra manufacturer recommendations for properly burning the candle.
All NCA members must identify their candles for fire safety and test them to ensure that they fulfill fire-safety manufacturing standards.
When buying a candle, be sure it has a fire-safety label.
Industry standards are followed by reputable candle makers. If a candle fails to fulfill the labeling standard, it is likely to fail to meet other essential industry fire-safety design criteria.

The Appearance of Candle Fire Protection

These graphic safety symbols are increasingly appearing on candle labels around the world.

Learn to spot these crucial visual reminders of candle fire safety guidelines.
Candle makers are encouraged to utilize these files to create candle fire safety labels based on the ASTM F2058 Standard Specification for Candle Fire Safety Labeling, which can be found at
Burn within Sight
Keep Children Away:
Keep Combustible Away; Keep Away from Combustibles
Candle manufacturers can download EPS (high resolution), JPEG, or PDF versions of the pictograms to use in their warning labels



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